How to Find and Remove a Dead Skunk?

Imagine you walking around your Dayton garden or in your house, and you notice a bad smell that just wouldn’t go away. Suddenly, you realize that you have Ohio skunks around the area and you think that maybe a skunk might have died around.

To search a dead Dayton skunk in your yard or in your garden can be an upsetting experience. When you find the dead animal, the most important thing to do is to remove the dead skunk and discard of it asap. If you leave it, its scent will attract other animals that will be arriving looking for food. In getting rid of a dead Ohio skunk, it is highly recommended that you handle it properly in order to keep yourself safe as well as healthy.

First, you will have to wear the thick gloves. You must never ever, in any case use your naked hands to pick up a dead skunk. Skunks may take rabies, and you can become dirty from a rabid Dayton skunk in the case when the skunks saliva comes into get in touch with an open wound or with your eyes, your nose, or your mouth. While wearing the gloves, you can pick up the dead skunk from the land. Another different way is using a shovel. A shovel is a very successful tool for scooping the skunk off the earth. Even if you are wearing gloves it is healthier to use a shovel because you will never recognize what types of bacteria the skunk is carrying. So, wear gloves and use a shovel while picking up the Ohio skunk.

Secondly, empty the skunk into a trash bag. Make sure that the trash bag is tightly tied so that the Dayton skunk is potted well inside of it. Finally, transport the bag into a dumpster of a landfill so you can discard the skunk. If you leave the dead skunk on you property or in your garbage can, the foul odor will continue to be produced. So, it would be much better if you took the Ohio skunk somewhere else and dumped it there.

As a general tip and warning, make sure that you always wash your hands with antibacterial soap also warm water after you handle Dayton animals, whether they are alive or dead. Even if you are wearing gloves as you handle a dead Ohio skunk, always wash your hands after you finish.

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